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About the Company
Image Registration and Fusion Systems is focused on research, development, and sale of image registration and image
fusion systems. In addition to
stand-alone image registration and image fusion software systems, the company accepts
rs to develop specialized image registration, image fusion, and  image analysis systems for various applications.

Throughout years, the company has developed unique tools and methods for  image registration and image fusion systems,
software for:
  1. Automatic registration of monompdality images with rigid and nonrigid geometric differences.
  2. Semi-automatic registration of mono- and multi-modality images.
  3. Automatic and semi-automatic mosaicking of multiview images.
  4. Interactive registration of mono- and multi-modality  images.
  5. Fusion of multimodality, multi-exposure, and multi-focus images.
  6. Pan sharpening.
  7. Image registration for image fusion.
  8. Image registration for georeferencing and orthorectification.

In addition to complete systems for  image registration and image fusion, the company has developed a variety of tools for
developers of image analysis systems,
  1. Edge detection in color and gray-scale images.
  2. Line detection in color and gray-scale images.
  3. Robust landmark detection in color and gray-scale images.
  4. Transformation functions for nonrigid image registration.
  5. Image blending for image mosaicking and image fusion.
  6. Image enhancement and haze removal software.
  7. Adaptive noise removal software that preserves image structure.
  8. High-dynamic range reduction and viewing software.
  9. Energy-minimizing curves and surfaces for image segmentation.

Satellite images posted on this site are courtesy of NASA, aerial images are courtesy of USGS, and medical images are
courtesy of NIH and MedPix. For further information about
Image Registration and Fusion Systems' products and services,
please contact:
Image Registration and Fusion Systems, Beavercreek, Ohio, U.S.A., Copyright 2015