This software seamlessly stitches together images of a scene taken in overlapping views. The process involves two
1) Image spatial alignment
2) Image intensity blending

Image spatial alignment is basically image registration; the only difference is the reduced overlap between the
images. Typically, there will be about 20 to 30 percent overlap between the images to be stitched together. Larger
overlaps simplify the registration process while smaller overlaps complicate the process. If the overlap between the
images is not sufficiently large, user interaction i
s provided to align the images.

Image intensity blending is the process of finding intensities in the output from a blending of intensities in the
input. If corresponding pixels in the images do not have intensity differences, the intensity of one o
f images can be
taken as the intensity of the output. This, however, is rare and often
the images to be combined have different
due to factors such as change in sun angle, change in view angle of the camera, and change in scene
lighting due to
change in cloud cover. There  is a need to smoothly blend intensities in overlap areas in the images
so that there i
s a smooth transition from one image to another when the images are combined. Examples of image
blending i
n this manner are given below.
Fig. 1. (a), (b) Two images of a terrain taken from different views. (c) The mosaic constructed from the images with
this software. The overlap area between adjacent  images is used to register the images. The intensities (colors) in
the overlap areas are blended to create the mosaic.
Fig. 2.  (a), (b) Two aerial views of an urban scene. (c) The mosaic created from the images.
Fig. 4. (a) - (c) Three images of King Iolani Palace in Honolulu, HI. (d) The mosaic created from the  images.
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Fig. 3. (a) - (c) Three images of a tropical tree. (d) The mosaic created from the images.
Image mosaicking
Image Registration and Fusion Systems  
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