Fig. 1. (a) A hazy aerial image. (b) The aerial image after automatic haze removal. (c) Local interactive haze
removal with motion of the mouse.
Fig. 2. (a) Another hazy aerial image. (b) The aerial image after haze removal.
Haze remover
Image Registration and Fusion Systems  
Outdoor images often contain haze. The presence of haze reduces image contrast and makes visual
examination of images difficult. A software developed by
Image Registration and Fusion Systems removes
most haze from an image.  The software removes haze automatically or interactively. Interactive haze
removal is achieved with the motion of the mouse. Automatic haze removal is achieved without user
interaction. Examples  of automatic and interactive haze removal by this software are given below. Fig. 1a
shows a hazy image, Fig. 1b shows the image after automatic haze removal, and Fig. 1c shows the image
during interactive local haze removal. Details not visible in the hazy image become visible after haze
Fig. 3. Additional examples of automatic haze removal by this software are shown. Both gray-scale (8
bits/pixel) and color (24 bits/pixel)  images can be used with this software.
To purchase  a single-user license for this  
haze-removal software, follow this link   =>

To obtain the software in a library function,
The software displays the hazy image in two windows side by side. The left window shows the original hazy
image and the right window shows the image after haze removal. Side-by-side viewing enables comparison
of images before and after haze removal. A snapshot of the image viewer for this software is shown below.
For very large images, the images are scaled down to fit the screen. However, the user may pan and zoom
the image to view desired local areas. This is demonstrated below. The pan and zoom operations of the two
windows are synchronized to facilitate viewing of the same areas before and after haze removal.
Fig. 5. Actual operation of the software in a side-by-side viewer. (top) Global viewing. (bottom)  Local viewing.
Fig. 4. If haze removal is applied to a medical image, it will bring out details that are hidden in low-contrast
areas  as shown in the above chest X-ray. This X-ray image is courtesy of MedPix.
Additional capabilities of the software are:
  1. Drag and drop capability: You can select the file(s) to be processed from a file selection window, or drag  file(s) to the
    haze remover to initiate the haze removal process.
  2. Multiple simultaneous image haze removal: You may select a single file or multiple files for haze removal.

For questions or additional information, please contact: cs@imgfsr.com