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Terms of Sale
  1. All sales are final. To ensure a software meets your needs before purchase, please contact:
  2. A  license includes technical support for 3 months and upgrades for 1 year.
  3. Each license comes with a User's Guide, describing usage of the software.
  4. Software licenses are for Windows PC only. Each software system is standalone and runs interactively.
  5. Special orders to add new functions to an existing software will be considered.
  6. A single-user license is for use by a single user. For site licenses, please contact:
  7. For ordering and delivery information, please contact:
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Volume Image Registration and Segmentation
In addition to the above software systems and tools, Image Registration and Fusion Systems has software systems and
tools for registration and segmentation of volumetric (MR, CT, PET) images. These include, volume image segmentation,
3-D edge detection, 3-D landmark detection, 3-D landmark correspondence, 3-D transformation functions, volume rigid
registration, volume linear registration, volume nonrigid registration, volume mono-modality registration, and volume
multi-modality registration. For more information and pricing of volumetric segmentation and registration software systems
and tools, please contact:
Image Registration Software
Each tool comes in the form of a static library that can be called inside a  C/C++ program on a Windows PC. Also included
in the price is a driver program that demonstrates usage of the tool.
Each software represents a complete image registration implementation. Each software reads two images, registers the
images, and displays and saves the result. Image formats can be jpg, bmp, gif, pgm, ppm and many other popular
formats. The software can operate on 8-bit gray scale images as well as 24-bit color images.
Multi-exposure and multi-focus fusion software systems read two or more images and combine the images into a single
highly informative image. The multi-temporal change detection software reads two images and finds their differences.
The images can be either 8-bit gray scale or  24-bit color in various formats, including jpg, bmp, gif, pgm, and ppm. The
pan sharpening software reads a high-resolution gray-scale image and a low resolution color image and creates a
high-resolution color image. Pan sharpening software assumes that the given images are registered.
Each software comes complete, reading an image, performing the desired operation, and displaying and saving the
result. The images can be in gray-scale (8 bits/pixel) or color (24 bits/pixels) and in various formats, including jpg, bmp,
gif, pgm, and ppm.